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is a Multi Disciplined Environmental Hazardous Materials Company founded on the principals compliance with U.S. and Mexico Regulatory requirements to ensure Compliance; Quality Assurance and Safety in meeting Cost Effective and Expeditious Management of client projects. HESCA maintains a full time dedicated technical and specialized staff whom are trained in Emergency Management and control of hazardous materials in accordance to OSHA, AAR, BOE, and DOT national and international standards. Our hazardous material specialists have more than 100 years combined experience in the management large emergencies due to spills and leaks of hazardous materials. These specialists have been trained at CHLOREP (The Chlorine Institute) and the Mississippi Fire Academy as well as having earned training hours from the AAR-BOE in the U.S.A. HESCA currently has 17 OPERATIONAL BASES thoughout the Mexican Republic. These strategic in: Monterrey, Nuevo León; Nuevo Laredo, Madero and Matamoros in Tamaulipas; San Luis Potosí, SLP.; Celaya and Escobedo ,Salamanca, Guanajuato; Morelia and Lázaro Cárdenas in Michoacán; Xalapa; Poza Rica and Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz; Tula, Hidalgo; San Juan del Rio and Querétaro in Querétaro; Toluca and Valle de México. HESCA also covers area along the border from Laredo to Brownsville, Texas; covering the main national and international ports of entry and ensures support to clients with issues with U.S. and Mexico customs in the South of Texas region. This coverage enables HESCA to support our clients with a rapid and accurate response regarding their Environmental Emergency Services requirements, including Pre- Load and Post-Load inspections of products being shipped and received at points of origin and destination. HESCA is the pioneer and leader in Environmental Emergency Response involving High Hazard incidents in Mexico. HESCA counts with all the regulatory permits and authorizations required by SEMARNAT (Mexico EPA), which enables HESCA to comply with the security of our clients. HESCA maintains specialized kits for leak control of compressed gases such as chlorine, ammonia, ethylene oxide which are available at key locations in Mexico. The capping kits are all approved by the required safety institutions.
Quality Policy
“In HESCA we are committed to providing services with a high standard of safety, reliability and efficiency that meet the specialized requirements of our clients, we are convinced that their success is also the success of our organization, adding value to the safe supply chain of national and international products, generating human quality environment among all employees and maintaining compliance with regulations for the benefit of the environment, always seeking the continuous improvement of our Quality Assurance and Quality ControlProgram. "
Provide specialized services and confidence in the maintenance, handling, transportation, storage and safe handling of hazardous materials and waste, forming leaders at the highest level and highly qualified, competitive and innovative personnel in product manufacturing, equipment and development of safety processes that contribute to the improvement of transportation conditions and the prevention of environmental contamination, encouraging at all times profitable and sustainable relationships and strategic alliances in their business environment and for the benefit of internal and external client expectation as expected by private and public sector organizations.


AAR M-1003 & M-1002 Certification
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