About us


Better recognized as HESCA, appreciates the opportunity to have met and discussed opportunities to serve your company's Environmental Hazardous Materials, Industrial Services, Specialized Rail Industry Programs in both South Texas and Mexico.

HESCA recognized as the primary provider for the Rail Transportation and Petrochemical Industry in Mexico has earned its reputation for being the only Mexico Environmental company to follow U.S. Standards, including OSHA; USDOT; FRA; AAR; EPA; and CHLOREP as well as complying with Mexico's SEMARNAT, PROFEPA, SCT, STPS as well as State and Local regulations.

HESCA is prepared to offer an exclusive tailor-made program to fit your company's current and expanding requirements as it relates to the Petrochemical and Hydrocarbon industries.  Our personnel are highly trained and skilled to ensure compliance with customer requirements.

Our Services:

  • Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Emergency Response Services 24-Hour Services.
  • PREVENT Program – an HESCA trademark program which involves Pre-Load and Post-Load inspections to minimize and eliminate Non-Accidental Releases (NAR's).
  • Rapid Assessment Teams – Haz Mat Trained (RAT – HMRT) for immediate mobilization from one of sixteen bases of operations in Mexico and two in Texas.
  • Remediation Services to assist in restoration of contaminated sites due to accidental spills.
  • Mobile Repair Units (MRU) Pending AAR Certification due February 2018.
  • Tank Car Repair Shop Pending AAR Certification January 2019.
  • Mobile 60 Ton Steam Unit to steam clean tank cars prior to change in product or scheduled maintenance.
  • Mobile Tank Car Closed Circuit High PSI Washing Units that can mobilize to any location required to avoid freight charges from one location to another.
  • Industrial Services Division- offers Storage Tank Cleaning and Decontamination at Terminal and Refinery Facilities complying in Mexico with SEMARNAT and PROFEPA requirements including Regulatory Certifications
  • EMA (Entidad Mexicana De Accreditacion) to provide General Service Tank Car Volume Calibration Services. Two mobile units readily available to comply with required Certified Laboratory Calibration Services.
  • High Haz ESCORT services provided with product sensitive shipments are scheduled through critical routes.
  • Mobile Capable Air Monitoring Services to provide clients with real time air monitoring information for planning and contingency purposes.
  • HAZ CAT KIT – a Hazardous Categorization Chemical Mobile Unit designed to help identify unknown chemicals.
  • REMOTE BUNG OPENER – the only RBO in Mexico available to provide Drum Opening Services of bulging containers involved in fire related incidents.
  • CLORMEX – Mexico's own Compressed Gas Training Installation for Haz Mat Training during Compressed Gas Responses. The use of Chlorine and Midland Capping Kits.

HESCA is a FULL Service Environmental Company that will provide you with a tailored made program to fit your individual requirements. Please feel free to contact us direct at…………………………………