HESCA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES De MEXICO S.A. De C.V.; the premier Environmental Emergency Response Services Company in the Republic of Mexico continued it’s TRANSCAER HAZ MAT TRAINING PROGRAM in conjunction with GRUPO MEXICO/FERROCARRIL MEXICANO S.A. De C.V. on June 25’ 2022 in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico.

HESCA and GRUPO MEXICO/FERROMEX combined resources to provide railroad employees with First Response and Tank Car Mitigation Tactics to control Non-Accidental Releases involving Hazardous and Non-Hazardous Materials Spills and Releases resulting from unexpected discharge events during the transportation of Hazardous Materials in Mexico.

HESCA trained GRUPO MEXICO/FERROMEX personnel on the proper skills to first responders on basic on-site first responder evaluation, the methodology of using air monitoring and detection equipment as well as the required Personal Protective Equipment. First Responder personnel were trained to keep in mind, Health and Safety Programs, Medical Surveillance Programs, the use and care of Level D thru Level A suits and Air Breathing Apparatuses. The use of the Emergency Response Guide, Notification Procedures, Reporting requirements and most importantly recognizing limitations.

HESCA has provided TRANSCAER activities for over 16 years in Mexico, building relationships with local, state and federal agencies/authorities as well as the Petrochemical and Transportation Industries in both Mexico and the U.S. Local and Regional Response plans have been established with different Proteccion Civil and Fire Departments in Mexico.

HESCA’s Director of Operations and Chief Operations Officer Mr. Esteban (Steve) Alvarado, stated after the event “Training; Information Knowledge Exchange; and Recognition of Limitations” in Haz Mat Incidents is very important. HESCA has been the PIONEER for the last 16 years in Mexico, setting the pace and example for Mexico’s Industry and providing more than 18,000 Emergency Response Incidents since opening operations in 2007. HESCA complies with U.S. Regulatory Compliance strategies including the training of all personnel with OSHA’s 29 CFR 1910.120; USDOT 49 CFR, a C-TPAT compliant company, an AAR C6r Certified MRU provider to the railroad transportation industry and a member of the Chlorine Institute. HESCA in alliance with Specialized Response Solutions (SRS) in the Fort Worth, Texas area maintain close ties to ensure that U.S. shippers and manufacturers maintain a bridge between the U.S. and Mexico customers.

HESCA has recently experienced a 19% growth in customer revenue and services and recently expanded operations to Juarez (El Paso); Chihuahua; Cd. Frontera, bringing it’s coverage area to over 20 locations in Mexico.

For more information please call HESCA CUSTOMER SERVICE +52 (411) 164-3411 EXT. 114