Eco-friendly and Safe Products


We are exclusive distributors of the B-Citrus brand for biodegradable and eco-degreasers, which are made with 100% biodegradable base, based on essences and natural extracts, which by origin are environmentally friendly and highly effective in cleaning surfaces that are impregnated with light and heavy hydrocarbons, as well as vegetable and animal fats.

We also exclusively distribute in Mexico the entire range of TRAIN-X safety products, made from 100% recycled materials, we make sure to protect the environment by minimizing production costs and maximizing the safety of our personnel and their equipment and facilities.

Eco-friendly and Safe Products:

  • 01Eco-friendly and Safe Products
  • 02Containment barriers for spill containment
  • 03Plastic cylinders for corrosive materials
  • 04Absorbent pads and booms
  • 05Vegetable powder to absorb hydrocarbons
  • 06Oil only absorbent mats and pads
  • 07Hazardous chemical absorbent mats and pads
  • 08Kits for oil spill containments
  • 09Kits for hazardous chemical spill containments
  • 10Packaging for waste containers