Product transfer and recuperation units


HESCA ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES DE MEXICO has sophisticated steam pressure heating processes, which increase transfer speed in any type of heavy products and hydrocarbons, such as asphalt and fuel. We can carry out this same process at any location where your tanks and or units are, using our mobile units transportation that shortens and guarantees less time, and more efficiency in transferring materials.

Every specialist and technician from HESCA Environmental Services is trained in accordance to the AAR (Association of American Railroads) and the BOE (Bureau of Explosives) International Standards in the United States of America therefore our procedures are oriented to accomplish these norms and according to the OSHA (Occupation Safety and Health Administration).

We also have all type of specialized equipment to manoeuvre material transfer. You can trust the quality of your product from edibles to reactive and explosive materials.

HESCA provides salvage of all types of materials, all our transfer operations are mobile units.

HESCA´S goal is to maintain product quality specifications during the transfer and salvage operation of products that our customers entrust. HAVE A PROBLEM? CALL HESCA! HESCA TRAVELS