Restoration of contaminated sites


Restoration of contaminated sites HESCA through its Remediation and Restoration Divison, assist clients in addressing sites which have been contaminated with hydrocarbons or other chemicals that impact our environment. These contamination sites continue to be huge problem and concern for numerous companies in the Petrochemical and transportation sector.

The impact to our environment translates into a safety risk, long term damage and costly impact to communities, industry and government sectors. HESCA, therefore has implemented procedures for site restoration approved by SEMARNAT which include a broad list of contaminants which can be adequately treated, and neutralized using HESCA's regulatory approved procedures.

HESCA procedures, are recognized and approved following the strictest international standards promulgated by the SEMARNAT (Mexico EPA) and are oriented to the restoration and preservation of natural resources, as well as the care and protection of our natural resources.