Specialized cleaning of equipment and installations


HESCA maintains trained personnel in order to provide specialized cleaning services for different types of storage tanks, as well as the required waste disposal management and transportation services. HESCA maintains its' own regulatory approved equipment. All services are performed to meet international standards including OSHA, AAR, BOE, and USDOT in the U.S. HESCA offers cleaning and decontamination services meeting client specific requirements as well as following both Mexico EPA and International US EPA standards.

HESCA services are performed using water-soluble degreasers which are 100% biodegradable and are composed of natural extracts products in each of our cleaning and decontamination processes with the objective of minimizing water and minimizing the generation of hazardous waste.4

HESCA has trained its personnel to handle hazardous waste and ensure that all procedures comply with regulatory agencies such as SEMARNAT-México and EPA-US.

HESCA offers specialized cleaning and decontamina-tion services of tanks that transport or store compressed gases, as well as flammable and explosive materials which are validated by HESCA and issue Industry Decontamination Certificates.

HESCA maintains designated mobile service units which are completely equipped with the equipment and materials required to operate on site or off site client installations.

Storage Tank Steam Cleaning Services HESCA issue Industry Standard Cleaning Certificates Validating its Service to Clients.